Drumset Transcription Service

The study of recorded musical performance has long been heralded by composers, performers and educators alike as an invaluable method for gaining insight into the performance practices and techniques of many of the world's greatest musical minds.

My goal is to help you, the drumset artist, increase your musical awareness and overall ability by supplying you with customized performance transcriptions.

Perhaps you're in a band and would like to learn a specific drum part or drum solo from a given recording...or perhaps you're a busy educator unfamiliar with drumset notation and/or don't have the time to re-create the drum part that "disappeared" from your student's band folder...or perhaps you want to check your own transcription to see if you're on the right track...NO PROBLEM!!!

To Order a Transcription

1. Mail a cd, high bias cassette or minidisc recording of the performance to be transcribed. Vhs, dvd and downloadable materials may also be acceptable (email for more info). The better the sound quality, the more accurate the transcription will be. Please label the recording with; artist name, song/composition title and whether you would like your source recording returned. Please also include your name, email address and phone number.

2. Fill out the drumset transcription order form (form can be found in the "downloads" section of this website). If you are unable to download the form, email the above requested information to devinkelly@devinkelly.net.

3. Choose between handritten caligraphy or computerized music notation and indicate your choice on the order form (drum tab not available). Transcriptions are available at a rate of $40/hour (transcribing time).

4. Mail source recording and completed order form to: Devin Kelly, 1321 State Route 34B King Ferry, NY 13081. The use of a padded mailer is suggested.

5. Upon receipt of your materials, I will calculate the cost and either return the invoice or respond via email. Payment is collected by way of check or money order prior to mailing the completed transcription. Please include your email address and phone number for a faster response.